Backflow prevention

Capricorn Plumbing & Piping Services are licensed to carry out the installation of backflow prevention devices.

Plumbing regulations require backflow prevention devices be installed on properties where there is a risk of contamination to the potable (drinking) water by reverse flow of chemicals or other contaminants. The regulation stipulates that an approved backflow prevention device be placed at the boundary of every water service connected to a property (including fire services). The work can only be carried out by a licensed plumber. Your property's backflow risk rating is determined at the time of approval of a building development application, redevelopment, or changes to existing water services.
What causes backflow?
Backflow occurs due to back siphonage – when the internal plumbing system is at a higher pressure than the water delivery main. This leads to the property's drinking water being inadvertently polluted. Backflow is usually caused by a damaged water main. Because of the serious risk to public health potentially caused by backflow, the state regulations are enforced by daily fines. If your property requires backflow prevention, contact Capricorn Plumbing & Piping Services immediately.
Who is at risk?
Backflow prevention is most important in commercial plumbing. Backflow prevention devices are required in places such as industrial workshops, manufacturing operations, laboratories, commercial agriculture (utilising pest control chemicals and fertilisers) or cafes’ and restaurants where a grease trap is installed.
What are my legal obligations?
Backflow prevention devices must be installed at the source of possible contamination. This is called zone protection and protects the potable water for the rest of the property. Backflow prevention devices may also be required at the boundary water meter. This is called containment and it protects the water authority's water supply. Backflow prevention devices must be installed and tested by a licensed professional. These devices are required to be re-tested every 12 months.
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