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Showers, we all have them, whether it's first thing in the morning to freshen up and wake up and be ready for the day ahead or when you get home from a busy day of work, either way they are refreshing and quick.

There are 4 main reasons we get called to fix a shower leak:

1) The shower head is leaking. It gets blocked, is loose or the seals are broken.

2) The tap handles are leaking. The spindles leak as the 'O' rings are worn.

3) The inner washer is worn. This is the most common cause for the tap to drip.

4) The inner seating gets worn. We have specialist tools to re-seat and get your shower working normally again.

However, a high percentage of leaks are not plumbing issues but actually failed tiling issues such as cracked tiles or grout.

So, if you have a drip in your shower, you may need a new partner.......Ok we cannot help with your partner, but we can fix any of the plumbing issues mentioned above.

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