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Storm Water Drain Channels

As Winter sets in storm water drain channels is an area that plumbers are involved with. Often people find storm water will flood their garage.   A way of preventing this is to install a storm water channel across the entrance to the garage with this channel piped to a soak well. In the past these channels were made from earthenware (baked clay) with a galvanised steel grate.  Nowadays they are made from tough, recycled UV stabilised polymer allowing for an easier installation.  Different manufacturers provide a range of colour options. We at Capricorn Plumbing have installed the Everhard EasyDRAIN system […]

COVID - 19

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The world has been turned upside down as a result of the Coronavirus.  We are all impacted in some way by this Covid-19. Our family life, our business life, how we do business and how we live our lives have all changed over the past months.  This is all new to us and the updates change daily.  It can be stressful and confusing and difficult to separate the facts from the fiction. Small businesses have been hit hard by the Covid - 19 pandemic.  Many businesses have had to shut down temporarily and the future is unknown. Capricorn Plumbing is […]