Water Leaks; reticulation

Reticulation leaks

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We often receive phone calls from clients who have received a higher than normal water bill.  We advise people to check their reticulation systems as very often this is the source of the water leak.  These can go unnoticed for quite a period of time but can incur high water bills.

Reticulation cut in are normally included when building a new home as part of the builders package.  However some existing properties do not have automatic reticulation systems.  We can supply and install approved isolating valves with built in back flow protection.

It is the job of a licenced plumber to carry out these cut in's into the water supply.

We do not install reticulation systems, rather we assist Landscape gardeners with reticulation plumbing issues that may occur.

We purchase most of our plumbing equipment from Galvins Plumbing Supplies, a long established West Australian company.



We would be happy to assist with your reticulation leak repairs.

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