Spring Time

Time to check the plumbing in your house

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We are well and truly into Springtime now. It is the ideal time to have a check on the plumbing around your home and get it all Summer ready.

Springtime is traditionally the time we have a clear out and make a fresh start. It is a time of renewal and rebirth. Following the winter months it is the time to prepare for the long summer ahead. It is the perfect opportunity to check your home's plumbing for any leaks or items that may need attention.

There are many areas in the house that you need to check so we have broken it down in to separate areas for your convenience.

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home. After all those long hot showers in winter it is now a good time to check your shower heads for signs of leaks or drips. Also check the bath and basin taps for leaks and make sure that they do turn off correctly and there are no drips. Are they hard to turn off? Are there signs of water leaking down the body of the tap onto the basin?
Is the toilet constantly running? If so then this will need to be addressed as you are not only wasting water but money too!

Your kitchen is the workhorse of the home. Preparing food and all that washing up your kitchen sink uses lots of water and so the taps get a thorough work out so they may need servicing or in some cases replacing. Check for signs of leaks and drips. Look under your kitchen sink too for signs of leaks and don't forget the dishwasher hoses. Check they are not split or cracked and leaking.

The laundry works hard to keep your clothes clean so inspect the washing machine hoses for signs of cracks, and kinks and splits. Check also the laundry taps for leaks and add them to the list of any maintenance repairs that need attention.

Your garden can be your sanctuary and so the garden hose cocks will need to be in good working order and not leaking and wasting water. Make sure they are not seized and are not difficult to open and close.

With the temperatures heating up we can now enjoy those lovely BBQ's so it is a good time to consider converting your BBQ to natural gas and ensure you do not get caught out by half cooked meals due to your gas cylinders running out of gas.

The greater the effort in checking these items and making a list of jobs to be attended to now the more time you will have in the summer months to sit back and enjoy the BBQ in your well maintained back yard.


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